Become a Master of the Art of Seduction, Become a Player

Seduction is based on confidence, not on social status, not on material wealth, and not on physical attractiveness as well as not on pick-up lines. Seduction is both an art and a skill that players cultivate as part of their charismatic personalities. As such, the art of seduction can be learned! Here are a few things to get started toward understanding the fundamental elements of seduction.

Be Physically Attractive

Seduction starts with physical attraction and then sexual chemistry. You don’t have to give Brad Pitt a run for his money but you should look your best so that women will take second appreciative looks at your manly beauty. Keep in mind that there are rarely, if ever, second chances at first impressions.

Be clean, well-groomed and well-dressed. Go for class whether you are in casual or formal wear; look at the likes of George Clooney, if you must. Don't worry about being buff, an average build will do!

Try wearing a scarf, girls love them and it instantly takes your attractiveness up a level or two.

Be a Gentleman

You are not in high school anymore, mister! Women may have appreciated Bad Boys in their younger years but not so in their mature years when actual accomplishments are worth more than airhead brags. Women also like their men to be more of gentlemen and less of brutes.

Listen to her and let her talk about herself. Engage her in good conversation about topics that interest both of you. Keep your hands to yourself but make small touches like a hand on the small of her back when leading her to the restaurant or a helping hand when going inside the elevator. Chivalry is appreciated, indeed, and if you can seduce her with small physical touches, then brownie points for you.

Be Charming

Successful players – men who have mastered the art of seduction –are charming creatures, no bones about it. If their qualities are broken down into percentages, the results will be: 70% charm, 10% physical attractiveness, 10% mental intelligence, and 10% projection of success.

Keep in mind that charm means taking the spotlight away from you and shining it on the other person. Charm means making the other person feel good about herself, making her aware of your interest in her as a person, and making her interested in you, too.

Tip: Smile, make eye contact, and show you are having a good time with her. It goes a long way toward getting her to talk with you and then getting her in bed with you soon. You can also watch the basic zortbee method, it teaches you <a href="">how to get a girl to like you</a> in just 3 basic steps. Apply it and enjoy, it is super easy to perform.

Be an Intellectual Magnet

What is physical attraction if there is little to no mental attraction? In fact, you will find that most women worth your time will fall for your mind first before falling for your body and into your bed.

Or to state it in another way: Women are mental and emotional creatures. Men are visual and physical animals. Men are Mars and women are from Venus – the classic differentiation of the sexes that every player should know.

Tips: Engage her in thoughtful conversation instead of asking interrogative questions. Ignite her mind to the possibilities of a relationship, no matter how short it may be.

When you have seduced her mind, you are more likely to seduce her into your bed and you can reinforce the pleasures she has enjoyed out of it. But seduction in bed with your sexual prowess is another matter altogether.